Dissertation Depression

I’ve been doing some dissertation formatting over the past few days. So I read the 38 page formatting guide our university has. I found the random smiley faces funny

They’re only on some of the entries on that page, and this document takes itself far too seriously for me to believe they are intentional – I assume it is a formatting error that occured with a font change or something.


I got to the sample pages at the end of the guide. Most of them make cheesy references to the formatting guide. An abstract for the formatting guide; a title that has to do with formatting, a table of contents for the formatting guide. But the BIBLIOGRAPHY. The bibliography has nothing to do with formatting. Check out these references:

It’s all about breakups, divorce, and horrible crises. Now, I know we grad students talk about the stress of writing a dissertation, but that doesn’t mean it’s funny when the grad school makes a bibliography about that, they’re supposed to be supportive! Where’s the Chicago Manual of Style? MLA? Grammar texts? If everything else is about formatting, do not give me:
“So you didn’t live happily ever after” — What is THAT supposed to mean?! “Children after divorce”?! Not funny graduate school, not funny! This is like when professors make jokes about how you’re going to have to live off of ramen noodles. And you politely chuckle hahaha and think – jerk, I DO live off ramen noodles.

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