Carnival time!

I participated in my first blog carnival today, The Giant’s Shoulders, and it’s available here at A Blog Around the Clock. The purpose was to blog about ‘classic’ papers in your field.

I wrote about the importance of Radiocarbon Dating in Anthropology. <a href=One other person wrote about archaeology – selecting the ever important article Archaeology as Anthropologyby Lewis Binford. The rest of the entries (and there are MANY!) are arranged chronologically, starting in the 16th century. Mike also posted an entry related to his research on his bacteria.Yay us!

There’s only one math entry, and one physics entry than I noticed, so Cooper and Kilburn, I encourage you to submit an entry for next month. Let’s MSU this place up 😛

My favorite entry so far though, has got to be Podblack Cat’s Entry on the dangers of Dungeons and Dragons to the teenage psyche, based on an article published in 1987. Podblack Cat does a great job of giving the history of the fear-of-roleplaying at the time as well, and found a link to THIS fantastic comic about how Jesus will save you from your role as a Level 8 cleric. He also has links to several othere interesting studies of the role-player, which many of you should enjoy and pass on to your friends.

Check out the carnival, you should be able to find lots of enjoyable, and educational reading.

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