Journey to the Cinema – 3D

I went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D last week, and I LOVED it. I would definitely suggest you go see the 3D version (just call your local cinema to see if they have that). Some parts of it were unnecessary, but the kids around my giggled a lot at those, and the rest of the adventure was better for the 3D, I thought. It reminded me of Goonies, silly adventursome fun.

And they give you pretty decent 3D glasses, which even work in the real world.

I think this movie may turn into an Indiana Jones for geologists. I thought Brendan Frasier did an excellent job as the young professor – he was quirky without being overbearingly so. He wore normal clothes. And he managed to just use his knowledge of geology without turning everything into a lecture – he played his character as if it was just part of his nature to look at a rock and know what it was. Now, since I’m not a geologist, I don’t know how accurate his descriptions of everything actually were – they were good enough to convince me, someone who minored in geology many years ago, but I’m sure there were bloopers. I was a little confused about the formation of one particularly large field of muscovite, but for pete’s sake, it’s a journey to the center of the earth anyway, so I just let it go.

So I say try it out. Be prepared for it to be silly and don’t take it too seriously and you should enjoy it.

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