Death is like a box of chocolates

Via Gizmodo I found out about a company in the UK that is combining eco-friendly coffins with um…style?

Creative Coffins makes eco-friendly coffins out of wood pulp and such things, and then personalizes them by giving them a printed design of some sort. I don’t know exactly how much this helps the environment, since I don’t know what goes into the making of a typical coffin. Laws here in the states require you to put said coffin into a big cement box in the ground, so it’s not too helpful afterward, but maybe it’s different over there.

But I like the idea of the designs. I’ve heard of personalized funerals before, but not caskets. I’m gathering that Brits are a little more joyous and silly that we Americans about funerals, based on some of these. You can request your own design be made, or check out some of their unique boxes here.

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