Horrible Cinematography

Two points of confusion about the History Channel: 1) Why are they doing shows about dinosaurs and about the evolution of eyes and other interesting creature features? I’m glad these shows are out there, I’m just confused about the choice of channel. If the primary focus isn’t on humans, I don’t think it belongs on the History Channel. Aside from being weird, I can imagine people saying “see, dinosaurs and people were around at the same time. Why else would dinosaurs be on the History Channel?” But maybe I’m just paranoid. 2) Why, why, why is the History Channel store selling 10,000 B.C? That was one of the most historically/archaeologically flawed movies I have seen in a REALLY long time! Mammoths! Pyramids! Iron! Mammoths! Augh!

They’re doing great shows about dinosaurs and selling awful movies of historical fallacy. Does. Not. Compute.

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