Hooray for gorillas!

I was Thrilled today when I heard the announcement that up to 125,000 gorillas have been found in an uncharted swampy area of the Congo. This doubles the number known and leaves me much more optimistic that they may avoid extinction (though Ebola is still a serious threat). They were western lowland gorillas, which have the fantastic subspecific name of Gorilla gorilla gorilla.

One thing I’m intrigued about is their social organization. It’s tough to say from the video, but it seems to me like you’ve got a lot more gorillas hanging out in one area than is normal. A ‘typical’ gorilla group is a silverback male, several females, and their children. You have a few adolescent males around, but no one to contend with the male. And since they take so long to grow, females don’t have that many kids around at a time. So I’m wondering if things are different here? It should be really interesting to see.

Horray for gorillas!

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