Experts ‘solve’ mystery of Stonehenge

I’m sorry, I don’t believe this is how science works. These guys haven’t ‘solved’ anything. These archaeologists have developed an interesting hypothesis about the reason for the initial creation stonehenge. They have suggested that the stones that the original henge were created of were believed to have healing powers, and this became a place that people went for healing. There are lots of burials in the area that show disease and have pieces of this stone in them.

However, there is no discussion of comparison to burials in other regions -do these burials actually have an abnormal percentage of disease? Are they all from the period of Stonehenge’s creation?

It is very difficult to get at issues like healing and spirituality archaeologically. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important to consider, but they are quite a challenge to take hold of. Making this kind of leap though, that they have suddenly ‘solved’ a riddle, when they haven’t yet gone through peer review and had serious discussions with other archaeologists about it is not right. Hypothesis. Not Solution.

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