World Mapper

Just saw an article on this on and it is FASCINATING. I’ve spent the last 20 minutes looking through it. Some folks from the UK and a Physicist from U of M who studies networks made these great maps that take coutries and inflate or deflate them for different statistics. There are TONS of them, you can print them off as PDFs, or just play with them online.

World Mapper

I was pleased to discover that our Forests have been growing in the USA, making up for what we’ve done to them in the last 200 years.


But the map of Forest depletion is also depressing:

Toys are disgusting, our country is so wasteful:
Toy Imports

Toy Exports

There’s a ton of other stuff to look at.
I’ll just include the sad stat on girls who are not in primary education:

Seriously. Go check this out. And leave your favorite/most interesting as a comment or on your own blog.

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