Things you never know…

I was just writing a check, and using a gift from a friend to do so. That gift was a green pen with a big fluffy thing on the end of it. I realized that the people receiving the check will only see a check supporting their organization and will probably think nice things about me. Had they seen me with the fluffy pen, they might have though ‘what a weirdo!’

Which got me wondering/imagining – what other people in the world are using crazy pens to sign important things? Does George W. Bush use a pen that is bent into the shape of Texas to sign bills into law? Does Gordon Brown have one of those pens that lights up while you write? I bet Biden has one that has a train in it, and when you tip it to write, the train moves down the tracks. All these important things are happening, and it is completely possibly that they are happening in absurd ways which we never consider.

Also, I bet they’re all wearing those crazy boxers that say ‘no! no! no!’ in the light and glow ‘yes! yes! yes!’ in the dark. But all we see are the suits.

This is where your brain goes when you spend your time worrying about misinterpreting the archaeological record.

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