And the Emmy goes to…

One of my new colleagues, Dr. Stephany Slaughter, just won an Emmy for the documentary she helped to produce! That’s so exciting – I’ve never known an Emmy winner before.

Stephany is a faculty member in the Spanish Department at Alma College. She was a field producer for the Film “Which Way Home”, which follows Latin American children who are attempting to cross into the United States to meet up with their families.

We hardly ever hear the stories of migrant children, and those children who are migrating alone are particularly vulnerable. It is great to see them being given a voice, and for this type of documentary programming to be rewarded by the Academy.

If you have HBO Latino or HBO On-Demand, you can watch an upcoming rebroadcast of the program:

  • October 7 HBO Latino East 2:30pm (ET)
  • October 7 HBO Latino West 5:30pm (ET)
  • October 9 HBO Latino East 2:45pm (ET)
  • October 9 HBO Latino West 5:45pm (ET)
  • October 4th thru November 7th Which Way Home will be available on HBO-On Demand


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