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Back in April Dr24hours wrote a silly sonnet about prime numbers and challenged others to join in. I pulled out an old high school sonnet about gravity, and ScienceGeeka weighed in with a poem as well.  It was fun and … Continue reading

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Even greeting cards teach bad science

Most anthropologists are used to seeing greeting cards…and commercials…and movies…etc… that mistakenly label chimps as monkeys. It’s annoying but I am used to it now (though for a good discussion of the problem of using chimps in movies, correctly identified … Continue reading

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On the humanity (or lack thereof) of the X-Men

Today I was listening to an online-only podcast of Radiolab called Mutant Rights that I’m thinking of incorporating into my Introduction to Anthropology class next year. It caught me attention because the summary said it was all about defining what … Continue reading

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Feasting the Staff

Yesterday on twitter a friend asked ‘what are your favorite distractions?’ – this was easy for me – conversation. I love engaging with other people, whether the conversation is serious or superfluous. And conversations lead to opportunities and new ideas … Continue reading

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Year of silence

Wow, I haven’t posted in a year! I’ve been busy – I taught three classes per term this year instead of two, and I had some new preps, but a whole year, I can’t believe it.  I’m going to try … Continue reading

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