Back in April Dr24hours wrote a silly sonnet about prime numbers and challenged others to join in. I pulled out an old high school sonnet about gravity, and ScienceGeeka weighed in with a poem as well.  It was fun and I said ‘we should do this every month!’ Several years ago I helped organize a Darwin Day Poetry Competition at Michigan State University and the results were beautiful. I’ve been hooked on science poems ever since.

So we’ve got a day before the month is over. Just under the wire!

So THIS MONTH I’m calling for some Science Haikus, Sci-kus! Because Haikus are easy enough that you should all be able to come up with some inspiration fairly quickly.

Write about your research!

Write about your favorite species!

Write about your favorite celestial body!

Write about your favorite scientist! Or pseudoscientist! Or pet theory!

Write about that horrid PI you never want to talk to again!

Write about your favorite geologic time period!

Remember, Haikus are easy: 3 lines: 5/7/5 syllables.  But if you post anything else I’ll be pleased too.  Just get those creative juices flowing.Write several, I intend to.

I’ll start us off with a haiku about Aquatic Ape Theory:

Floating apes in sun,

Hairless, beach bum ancestors?

This idea sank.

Does someone want to sign up to host the science poetry slam on their blog in June?

Toothpaste For Dinner

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5 Responses to Sci-ku!

  1. Geeka says:

    Images in scope,
    Shows colocalization
    I get to defend.

    (8 years of grad school in 1 sci-ku)

    Images in scope
    Product development
    Will find this interesting

    (basically what I do now)

    Images in scope
    Do not work that way Franklin
    Hire someone else

    (replying to every phone call from ex-pi since I left his lab)

  2. Megan M. says:

    symbolic systems
    pot sherds, carved bone, smelted lead
    teach me who was here

  3. Megan M. says:

    brachiating apes
    swinging, searching for ripe fruit
    playing on the vines

  4. Megan M. says:

    nosy lemurs stink,
    poor eyesight, like an old man
    musky marks tell tales

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