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Bad ‘anthropological’ movie reviews

Most folks who know me know that I LOVE bad movies. There’s a limit, but with the right crew watching a film with you, some of the worst plots, strangest special effects and annoying characters can become downright hilarious.  When … Continue reading

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More thoughts on X-men action figures and biological anthropology

After I made my post last week about using the X-Men to teach students about how we define humans AS humans, I was talking with some geology friends and came up with another teaching tool from this story that I … Continue reading

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Back in April Dr24hours wrote a silly sonnet about prime numbers and challenged others to join in. I pulled out an old high school sonnet about gravity, and ScienceGeeka weighed in with a poem as well.  It was fun and … Continue reading

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Even greeting cards teach bad science

Most anthropologists are used to seeing greeting cards…and commercials…and movies…etc… that mistakenly label chimps as monkeys. It’s annoying but I am used to it now (though for a good discussion of the problem of using chimps in movies, correctly identified … Continue reading

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On the humanity (or lack thereof) of the X-Men

Today I was listening to an online-only podcast of Radiolab called Mutant Rights that I’m thinking of incorporating into my Introduction to Anthropology class next year. It caught me attention because the summary said it was all about defining what … Continue reading

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Encouraging college students to mate randomly: teaching population genetics in the classroom

Today in my Introductory Class we did a population genetics activity that I made up.  It worked well, so I thought I’d share it. I wanted students to understand these four causes of population variation: Mutation – the actual transformation … Continue reading

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Hooray for gorillas!

I was Thrilled today when I heard the announcement that up to 125,000 gorillas have been found in an uncharted swampy area of the Congo. This doubles the number known and leaves me much more optimistic that they may avoid … Continue reading

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